JSTJR Channels His Love For DDR Music With New Dim Mak EP ‘Attitude’

A culmination of his recent singles plus one new treat for fans, JSTJR shares his ‘Attitude EP’ on Dim Mak – out on April 19.

The EP’s title track – the high-energy Techno single “Attitude” boasts throwback 90’s vibes, proper rave-lead synths and a fun Melbourne-bounce bassline. The vocals on the track were manipulated and ran through multiple AI models before sounding like it currently does – a forward thinking production approach JSTJR has been honing in on recently.

The EP’s previously released singles include the hard-hitting “Bassline,” “4321” and the most recent single “Getting Started” – and are all pushing the harder dance sound JSTJR has been leaning into recently.

On the EP’s significance, JSTJR adds; “Starting around this time last year, I really started to approach music differently and this EP is definitely a culmination of the first phase of this new approach. I’ve been inspired by the resurgence of the Y2K aesthetic- across all forms of art, fashion, etc. I was an avid (err.. obsessed) Dance Dance Revolution player from 2002-2007 and I think a lot of the inspiration for this EP is deeply rooted in my time spent at the local arcade playing DDR with strangers. Also, for the first time, I wrote and recorded all the vocals for the EP myself, utilizing AI to create different voices for each of the songs. It’s truly the proudest I’ve been of any of my music and I’m so excited to be getting these tracks out to the world finally.”

JSTJR’s recent Bassline tour comes to an end with the final date being in his hometown of Los Angeles on the EP’s release day April 19. The tour saw JSTJR bring his hard dance and techno sounds across the US in celebration of his Dim Mak releases this year.


JSTJR – Attitude
JSTJR – Bassline
JSTJR – 4321
JSTJR – Getting Started