Kanye West Calls Forbes ‘His Favorite White Supremacists’

Kanye West is no stranger to speaking his mind. In fact, his candor is one of his many distinguished qualities. In the past, he has gotten flack for remarks, including the infamous 2009 VMAs moment or even 2015 the Grammy Awards Post-Show. When it comes to projecting the truth, you can always count on Ye. The multi-genius music and fashion mogul recently sat down with Nick Cannon to discuss a myriad of topics. The two discussed Ye’s untidy Presidential Campaign, the constant nature of being misunderstood, Forbes, and more.

The business publication certified West’s Billionaire status back in April. Yeezy called his feature in the magazine 10 months prior a “disrespectful article” that purposely snubbed his billionaire status. He recalls this instance in his latest interview with host, Nick Cannon.

“Forbes is some of my favorite white supremacist man,” said Ye. He goes on to explain after being asked by Cannon. “They act like its 1800 still. Read the Forbes. It’s crazy racist.”

Ye continues to explain how Forbes misjudged his net worth as opposed to Bloomberg who reported with the accuracy he wanted.

“Bloomberg was coming and they had an accurate net worth of $3.3 billion and Forbes purposely landed an article to dispute that and said, ‘the way we counted is $1.3 (billion) and they dropped it at 5:05 (pm) or something right at the end of the week.”

Ye’s statement come after Forbes we’re under fire for printing a derogatory headline regarding Black communities’ patience and stimulus checks.

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A few people have called #Forbes out after they questioned if the black community could wait for the second stimulus check. They later changed their wording to “minority.” #Roommates, what are your thoughts?

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With his accumulation of land in Wyoming, Yeezy empire, music catalogue and more, there is no dispute in 21-time Grammy winner’s net worth in 2020. Kanye begins talking about Forbes at the 25:00 mark.