Kanye West Doubles Up Support For Trump: 'I'm A Black Guy With A Red Hat'

Just in case you thought he isn’t serious, he is.

Kanye West took a stance in a Wall Street Journal interview to remind everyone that he’s still Team Trump. The Southside Chicago native joked that he’s “a black guy with a red [MAGA] hat.”

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“I’m Kanye West,” says the rapper-provocateur. “The word ‘ambitious’ is beneath my abilities.” As #KanyeWest leans into a rebooted life of fashion design and gospel music, we explored his new cast of characters, his thwarted dreams, his acknowledged stumbles and his bigger-than-ever plans. Read our digital cover story at the link in bio. (🖋️: @christinabinkley, 📷: @paolopellegrin)

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