Kehlani Sent YG Music About Him As a Warning

During her virtual press run for her new album It Was Good Until It Wasn’t, Kehlani revealed that her her rapper ex was given a heads up when he was the subject of a song.

The “Toxic” singer told Sirius XM’s MinaSayWhat that she had a lot of the album finished while they were together so YG has the first version of what she produced.

The tatted singer recalls songs coming out about her with no warning and how she resented it and didn’t want to do the same thing.

”I’ve always been in the habit of either letting someone know that somethings coming or sending them the music,” Kehlani told Mina.

There was one track that broke Kehlani’s habit of communicating with the subjects of her music and that was the track “Valentine’s Day (Shameful)” that the 25-year-old released in February essentially announcing her and YG’s break up.

“That was a drop on the head… that was more for me I just had to get something off my chest,” Kehlani said about “Valentine’s Day (Shameful).”

IWGUIW landed at #2 on the Billboard 200 in its debut week selling 83,000 album equivalent units.

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Kehlani zooms into #MinasHouse to explain how her personal life has influenced the music, cover and back art of her album. #IWGUIW #ItWasGoodUntilItWasnt

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