KeKe Palmer’s Ex-Boyfriend Reveals More Shocking Allegations in Bid to Dismiss Restraining Order


In a shocking turn of events, Darius Jackson, the father of KeKe Palmer’s son, has submitted disturbing details of alleged abuse and toxic behavior as part of his efforts to have a restraining order issued against him dismissed. Radar Online exclusively obtained a declaration filed by Jackson, shedding light on a tumultuous relationship that has recently taken a legal turn.

The saga began when KeKe Palmer secured a temporary restraining order against Darius Jackson, mandating him to stay 100 yards away from her and their son, Leo. This order came after KeKe claimed to have broken off the relationship with Jackson in October 2023, citing a disturbing incident where he allegedly showed up at her home demanding to see their child.

According to KeKe’s account, a heated argument ensued, during which Jackson allegedly lunged at her, grabbing her neck and face, before knocking her backward over a couch, stealing her phone, and fleeing the scene. The actress also detailed a separate incident in February 2020, accusing Jackson of physical assault over a disagreement about a bikini photo.


However, Jackson is now fighting back, offering a different narrative in his declaration. He claims that KeKe was the aggressor in their relationship, often becoming verbally and physically abusive, particularly after consuming alcohol. To support his case, Jackson submitted shocking evidence, including photographs of bruises he allegedly sustained from Palmer during moments of aggression.

In the court documents, Jackson alleges that on August 20, 2021, KeKe punched him in the face. He provided a text message as evidence, wherein KeKe purportedly apologizes for the violent act. Additionally, Jackson revealed a barrage of communication from Palmer, asserting that on November 17, 2021, she called him over 200 times and sent over 50 emails after he expressed his intention not to spend the night with her.

The series of incidents presented by Jackson also includes an accusation that Palmer punched the windshield of his car in January 2022 during an argument while he was driving. Surprisingly, Jackson claims that KeKe not only paid for the windshield replacement but also submitted proof of transferring the money to him.

The legal battle is set to continue with the next scheduled hearing, where KeKe Palmer will have an opportunity to argue for the permanence of the restraining order. As the intricate details of this high-profile dispute unfold, it casts a stark light on the complexities of personal relationships, emphasizing the importance of addressing issues of abuse and toxic behavior.