Kendall Jenner Settles Fyre Festival Lawsuit For $90,000

The Fyre Festival account trustee is starting to rack up cash in their lawsuits as they attempt to trim down the million dollars of debt. According to new reports, Kendall Jenner has settled with Fyre trustee Greg Messer and will pay $90,000.

Jenner was one of the major advertisers of the botched music festival. The second youngest Kardashian sister was paid to post about Fyre Festival on her Instagram page where she has more than 100 million followers.

Jenner was reportedly paid $250,000 for the ad space. This controversy forced changes to influencers on social media requiring them to make clear that the post is an advertisement by using the hashtag #ad so to not give the impression that Jenner or any influencer would be at the event.

Last week, The Source reported that Rae Sremmurd settled for $18,000 with the company. More settlements should be expected with open cases against other artists and influencers like Pusha T and Emily Ratajkowski.

These settlements are hardly a fraction of what the courts found the Fyre CEO Billy McFarland to have scammed music fans out of. The court found that McFarland finnessed attempted concert goers of $26 million.