Kevin Hart’s Gran Coramino Tequila Launches ‘Club Coramino’ Campaign


Gran Coramino Tequila, the ultra-premium tequila brand, is unveiling its latest brand campaign with the release of the anthemic film “Club Coramino.” The campaign revolves around the brand mantra, “Hard Work Tastes Different.”

In a tribute to the cinematic style of “Goodfellas,” the campaign recreates one of the most intricate scenes in cinematic history – the iconic one-shot date scene. The film stars Kevin Hart and his wife Eniko Hart on their own date night, featuring a surprise appearance by Michael Imperioli. Director Sam Washington, in collaboration with Hart’s entertainment company, Hartbeat, brings this cinematic vision to life.

“Club Coramino” debuts ahead of Labor Day Weekend, serving as a celebration of the country’s dedication to hard work and as a reminder to appreciate the rewards of shared hard work and accomplishments.


To view the campaign film, visit Gran Coramino’s YouTube channel and their official website at

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