Las Vegas Mayor Looking to Reopen City, Will Not Be Issuing Any Social Distancing Guidelines

The Mayor of Las Vegas isn’t worried about any of her citizens catching the coronavirus and is so sure of it that she is reopening the city regardless of risks.

In a recent interview on CNN with Anderson Cooper, Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman said, “I want us open in the city of Las Vegas so our people can go back to work and that’s it because we’re putting children and families back out on the street.” 

According to Goodman, Vegas will be a “control group” for the country who will be the first to see the effects of reopening non-essential businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Goodman also has no intention on establishing social distancing guidelines for the tourist city, saying, “That’s up to [the casinos] to figure out.”

“Health and safety is our priority, workers and guests have to be safe. We want people back to work, but it has to be safe and secure and we don’t want workers to be part of an experiment,” she said. “Workplaces need to be safe and healthy, not a Petri dish.”