Lil Wayne Shows of Skateboarding Skills on IG

For almost two decades, Lil Wayne has continued to surprise fans with his many artistic talents, but this weekend, he showed some impressive physical talents as he skateboarded with Olympic Gold Medal winner Yuto Horigome and shared some of his highlights on Instagram.

His first picture showed him with Horigome at an indoor skateboard park wearing Horigome’s Olympic gold medal with the caption “Gold status!! Dat my slime YM Yuto! He goat gang fresh 4L on gang! Dat medal as heavy as my YM piece! Bling on a string! In the words of Yuto…”first try bish”

He then shared a series of videos in which he seemed to effortlessly conquer a halfpipe and made an impressive jump off a ramp.

Lil mWayne and Yuto Horigome
Lil Wayne and Yuto Horigome

While Wayne is widely known to be a good skateboarder, earlier in August, the rapper humbled himself by stating on the Players Day Off podcast that Rich The Kid and YG are two contenders for the “G.O.A.T. Hip Hop Skateboarder.”

“I’m trying to tell you, I’m bout to tell you bruh — they got people who don’t be wanting to show they skills for real until they get around me. Man, I’m gone expose you. First of all, Rich The Kid — man, the man skate with three watches on. Man that’s just that though,” Wayne said, in response to whether or not he is the undisputed G.O.A.T. of hip-hop skateboarding.

Lil Wayne has been skateboarding for quite some time. In addition to owning his own private skatepark in Miami, Florida, the rapper has released multiple videos of him skating with professional skateboarders such as Torey Pudwill, Chaz Ortiz, and Raymond Nina as well as celebrities including Justin Bieber. In a 2017 interview with ESPN, Lil Wayne explained how skateboarding was another creative outlet for him. “Skateboarding is very therapeutic to me because I don’t have to think about anything else, period,” he says.