Linus Beatskip Unveils New EP, ‘Subliminal Hypnosis’

Linus Beatskip is a Swedish techno producer who has had a number of hit tracks in 2023 including the likes of “Phantom” and “Hypnosis.”

He is bringing the year to a close with ‘Subliminal Hypnosis’ which features his original track, plus reworked versions by Mac Vaughn, Paul Prior, and River 44.

The release is out via Linus Beatskip’s own record label Beatskip Records, which is a platform he set up to focus on his own productions. Arguably saving the best until last, “Subliminal Hypnosis” has the potential to be his strongest track of the year. It’s a dark and driving track with trippy vocals, brutal drum sounds and old-school synth chords.

Mac Vaughn leads the charge for the remix versions, and he works in a new bassline plus his own lead melody playing a dynamic arpeggio. He also uses crisp percussion that cuts through the upbeat energy of his driving synth sounds, which add a twisted euphoria in the style he has released via his own label, Fierce Animal.

Paul Prior is an emerging talent from the Irish techno scene and his remix opts for a breakbeat kick drum pattern. He also chops up the original’s vocal to make it more ominous so it helps complement the building intensity of his brooding remix.

River 44 ends the release with a deep techno remix that completely changes the mood and vibe of the original, as it adds dubby synths sounds and a juddering bassline.

Get a copy of the release HERE.