LISTEN: Cardi B Doesn’t Leave Her House Unless It’s $1M For A Show


Cardi B is a superstar, and she moves accordingly. 

Fresh off her viral video of sleeping through Thanksgiving day, an audio clip of the “Bongos” rapper surfaced online revealing she doesn’t leave the crib to do a show unless it’s a hefty bag of a million dollars. 

The comment arrived in the midst of a rant to her haters, sparked by Love & Hip Hop star Hazel-E. It all began when Hazel claimed she never received credit after paving the way for Cardi B to shoot the video for her viral smash “Bodak Yellow.”


Alongside a clip from the video, Hazel wrote on her Instagram Story: “This would never got cleared if I weren’t Girl Code & wanted to see a fellow love & hip hop girl get on. They said Hazel who is this? Should we do her video. I said do it, but I didn’t know they was going to pay or give my Dubai team credit. If I did, I woulda never co-signed the shoot. Let’s tap in the team! And when you got kicked out of White for being [too] Cardi in Dubai, I was still like give her a pass she don’t know better.”

Of course, Cardi is not one to hold back. She responds: “I’m a real powerful bitch bro. You know what’s so funny? Sometimes there’s certain reasons why some bitches don’t like you. “Bitches just don’t like you sometimes because you probably a bitch competition or you probably fucked the same n*gga or y’all got into an exchange.”

“I’m a real powerful bitch,” she reitrates. “I be making these bitches pull they fucking pussy hairs, and I don’t even know these hoes. Not only don’t I know these hoes, these hoes don’t even stay on my fucking mind. These bitches don’t even be on my fucking mind and I be on theirs.”

“When these bitches be jacking that they don’t like me, they don’t have no fucking reason to like me. They always got to put another bitch in it because you ain’t got no fucking reason.”

Cardi then goes into all the reasons why she has haters, because she’s “a bad bitch, pretty face, poppin’ ass body, little fucking feet, fucking good pussy, n-gga that would fucking kill for a bitch, pretty ass fucking kids. This pussy made pretty ass fucking kids, successful ass bitch.”

She then makes a bold statement: “I don’t even come out the house to perform if it’s $1 million and up. I don’t even come out the fucking house if you motherfuckers aren’t paying me one million dollars and up for a fucking show. The fuck? You want me to take a plane overseas? It gotta be $1.5 million to $2 million bitch.”

Talk that shit then Cardi!