Malcolm X: Celebrating The Man, The Father, The Hero, And The Minister On His 96th Birthday

On this day, in Omaha, Nebraska 96 years ago, Louise and Earl Little welcomed their fourth child, a boy they named Malcolm Little. However, the world would forever remember him as Malcolm X (or Malik EL Hajj El-Shabazz). Through his work with the Nation of Islam, The Organization of Afro-American Unity, advocacy at the United Nations as well as his prosecution of injustice and white supremacy, he would become one of the most important figures in the Civil Rights Movement and 20th Century American History. He was more of a Human Rights leader.  

Uncompromisingly fighting for equality and justice for African Americans in a nation that was increasingly becoming more hostile to those of a darker hue, his courage and tenacity has influenced multiple generations of intellectuals, writers, activists, and most importantly, societies conscious. The Autobiography of Malcolm X has been cited as a crucial work from numerous luminaries, as varied as Spike Lee to Bell Hooks, and his speeches, especially “Ballot or the Bullet”, are considered some of the greatest in American History.

Unfortunately, he was taken from us far too soon  on February 21, 1965. Thankfully, Malcolm X’s work and legacy will live on forever, in our minds, souls, and bodies. So, since May 19th marks the anniversary of his birth, The Source would like to celebrate his contributions to the culture.

Look through and remember the sacrifices that Brother Malcolm went through to move America forward, to the place it is today. The fight isn’t over, but we should always take time out to look back as to not take our current position for granted. We thank Malcolm El-Shabazz for his painful and heartfelt work, his daring message, and his eternal love for all his people.