Meek Mill Talks the ‘Other Side of America’ Amidst George Floyd Movement

Meek Mill is back in the booth and tackling the issues.

The execution of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police has united the entire world. The subsequent solidarity around the globe following Floyd’s murder has led to one of if not the biggest Civil Rights Movements in World History, standing 50 United States and 14 countries strong.

Meek Mill is no stranger to fighting for social justice. The Philadelphia, PA native has continued to be instrumental in his plight against prison reform. Meek, born Robert Williams, served multiple sentences since the age of 18 due to a number of wrongful convictions. Following his release in 2018, he has been a huge advocate for prison reform. He established the REFORM Alliance with Roc Nation CEO, Jay-Z.

Philly’s golden child Meek Mill, posted a throwback Thursday clip from 2018, where he recalls his experience as a young adolescent growing up in North Philly.

“I grew up in America neighborhood in a ruthless neighborhood,” said Meek. “We are not protected by police. We’re not. We grew up with people selling drugs in our neighborhood, on our front steps, grew up in ruthless environments. We grew up around murder. You see murder seven days a week I think, if you grew up in my neighborhood, you see seven people die a week, I think you would probably carry a gun yourself. Would you?”

CNN anchor Michael Smerconish responded, “Yeah. I probably would.”

Meek Mill’s recollection mirrors the experience of thousands of Black adolescents growing up in underserved communities across American cities. The clips ends with an instrumental and potential cover art entitled “Other Side of America.”

Peep the full clip below.