Meetch Unveils New Single, ‘Upside Down’

Meetch unveils his newest Tech House track, ‘Upside Down’, inviting listeners on an enthralling sonic journey with a release that places his unique sound at its centre.

Known as a talented DJ on the live circuit, Meetch is continuing to build his production catalogue, now adding a fresh, new single to his collection to once again spotlight the originality of his signature sound.

Having carved out a place within Electronic Music, Meetch continues to find motivation through his passion and love for music itself, continually appearing confident in his pursuit to push the limits of the genre. With a live performance style that is no doubt unique, adding a visual element to his live sets with his robot helmet, and a production approach that sees him pushing the elements of House music to curate a sound that is individual in character, Meetch continues to impress. As he consistently offers fans the opportunity to discover the depths of his creativity, delving further into his artistry with weekly episodes of his radio show ‘Digital Dance Radio’, Meetch is breaking apart from others on the scene to establish a reputation as a talent to take note of.

With ‘Upside Down’ coming as the debut release to his 2024, Meetch has ensured the production captivates, keeping the standard raised with a refreshing soundscape. Featuring potent beats, a compelling lead, a groovy bassline, vocal hooks, and intense risers, ‘Upside Down’ brings the party-starter vibes, delivering dancefloor-ready energy that positions it to become a staple in the playlists of DJs around the world. As the track guides through tension-building breakdowns, leading the listener with filtered vocals and pulsing synths, ‘Upside Down’ presents its intricately detailed soundscape, incorporating anthemic sonic details and hypnotising melodies. A production poised to enthral listeners, ‘Upside Down’ surely appears as a must-listen from the talented Producer and DJ Meetch.

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