Meglajon Unveils New Single, ‘The Rhythm’

Chasin Records announce the release of Meglajon’s latest Tech House single, ‘The Rhythm’.

A Producer and DJ quickly on the rise, Meglajon is establishing himself as an exciting addition to the Electronic Music scene as he continually pushes boundaries, showcasing a creativity unrestrained by sonic limitations. Now, as he strikes back with another powerful release, there is no doubt that the talented Producer and DJ is on a path to becoming a household name within Electronic Music.

2023 has been a memorable year for Meglajon; having released numerous well-received productions, the skilled Producer and DJ has firmly cemented himself on the radar of genre lovers around the globe. As he continues to demand attention, showcasing a signature sound that draws from his love of House and Techno, Meglajon appears as a standout talent on the scene and one to keep a close eye on. His House banger, ‘Someone To Hold’, reached high on the Beatport Hype Dance/Electro Pop Chart, and his EP, ‘Piano Playa’, clinched the 8th spot on the NuDisco/Disco Beatport Top 100 Releases and 38th position on the House Top 100; milestone achievements for a Producer and DJ still early on in his musical journey, and a well-deserved acknowledgement that places Meglajon on a trajectory to reach even more career successes soon.

‘The Rhythm’ presents a hypnotic listening experience; opening with a pulsing synth line, driving beat, and swelling pads, the crisp spoken vocal soon enters to take centre stage. As a bold bassline establishes the groove, the track is quickly invigorated with captivating sonic hits joining to converse in call and response with the vocalist. The soundscape becomes elevated further as the intensifying riser and rhythmic elements add to the funky vibes of ‘The Rhythm’; a unique sonic journey, this new track from Meglajon no doubt shines a light on his pursuit to bringing creative dancefloor bangers to his listeners, succeeding in its groovy vibes, danceable energy, and infectious sound.

As Chasin Records drops yet another hard-hitting anthem, the label further positions itself at the centre of innovation and influence within the Electronic Music realm. Having introduced genre lovers to a striking line-up of up-and-coming talents, Chasin Records is quickly establishing itself as one of the forerunning platforms for rising stars within Electronic Music, and this new release from Meglajon proves to be no different. So, make sure to keep up-to-date with their next release by following them across social media as well as keeping an eye on Meglajon as he continues to prove himself as a Producer and DJ not to be missed. ‘The Rhythm’ is out now via Chasin Records and available in all major online stores and leading streaming platforms.