Method Man Wants to Play X-Men’s Bishop In The Marvel Universe


In a recent interview with Cassius, actor and Wu Tang Clan front man Method Man says that he’s like to tackle the role of Bishop, a human mutant who is also a descendant from the Aborigines of Australia.

Meth says that he’s been planning to play Bishop for quite some time, despite his success in no-fictional roles from 50 Cent’s Power series as well as his early supporting role on HBO’s The Wire.

“I was just putting it out there to see if I could hook something,” Meth said. “Those guys at the MCU, they know their stuff. I haven’t had any problems with any of their casting choice so far. So whoever gets the job… I think Omar Sy did an excellent job as Bishop, but that was before MCU. If they chose him again, I think he’d kill it. There’s a few people out there. But if they’re willing to give me a shot, I’d go for it. Plus, I’ve done all the research already.”


Bishop became a member of Professor X’s elite police force after moving to the States, displaying the power to suck up radiant and conductive energy deployed from his enemies before using the power against them.