NBA YoungBoy Reportedly Ditches J. Cole Studio Session

There is no doubt that NBA YoungBoy has built a cult fan base over the past several years. While he is known for his lifestyle outside of what he puts on wax, his quality of music keeps his audience engaged. In doing so, YB has landed some star-studded features with Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Migos, and more. He may have let another once-in-a-lifetime feature slip away.

According to media personality DJ Akademiks, NBA YoungBoy and J. Cole were expected to link up for a studio session. That session went left after the “Kacey Talk” rapper failed to show up.

“J. Cole waited in the studio for eight hours for Youngboy to show up,” said DJ Akademiks. “Youngboy didn’t show up. “Facts. These are facts! Your favorite rapper, n***a. J. Cole? Waited in the studio for eight hours for a session with Youngboy. Youngboy never showed up.”

While it was quite surprising that the Baton Rouge rapper would pass on such an opportunity, he did allegedly have a great reason for missing the session.

“Now let me be fair to YoungBoy. He told his people, ‘ima keep it real,” explained Akademiks. “Youngboy be going through sh*t. He’s living life, he’s going through sh*t. Youngboy said, ‘yo, my energy and everything else, is not fit to be in the studio with that guy.’ It wasn’t about J. Cole. It was just that he, and personally what he was going through, wasn’t fit to be in that environment.”

Hopefully, the two could link up for a session in the future. Would you want a J. Cole and NBA YoungBoy collaboration?