NFL Owners to Vote On Renewal of EA Sports ‘Madden Football’ as Exclusive Video Game of League

If it’s in the game, it’s in the game. That was the EA Sports slogan for over two decades now, and it appears they want to keep it that way.

NFL owners are expected to re-up with EA Sports as the league’s video game provider when they virtually congregate for a meeting next week, according to Ben Fischer of Sports Business Daily.  The new deal will secure Madden NFL as the exclusive NFL simulated game until 2026.

Rumors started to swirl about Take-Two Interactive’s potential rise to unseat “Madden” earlier this offseason when the league announced a licensing agreement with the company to produce non-simulation NFL games. 

EA Sports first purchased exclusive rights to produce NFL games in 2004. Prior to that, both companies released NFL games annually.

EA Sports took plenty of criticism for shutting down the 2K series, which many gamers preferred to Madden back then. For years, many fans felt that without a competitor to keep EA Sports on their toes, the product became complacent and lack innovation. The last two Madden games where good, probably because EA Sports was incoming towards their contract expiring.

If approved, we all hope the next 6 years of Madden Football gets better year by year.