NJ Shuts Down Party Due to Coronavirus, Party Host is Charged

As efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus grow, states are becoming more aggressive and are breaking up large gatherings of people and the hosts are the ones being held responsible.

Last night (March 27), a party of about 50 people including a DJ in Ewing, New Jersey was broken up by police, according to a post on NJ Governor Phil Murphy’s Facebook account.

“The organizer was charged as they should have been and deserved to be,” Murphy commented.

“This is not a game,” Murphy said about the police action and the rapidly spreading disease that is ravaging the nation. “Stay home. Be smart.”

Murphy said that 11,124 New Jersey residents had tested positive for the coronavirus as of 1:30 p.m. Saturday. So far, 140 people in the state have died. Over the past 24 hours, New Jersey confirmed 2,289 new cases.