Panteros666 Delivers Sophomore Single On HARD Recs With Dreamy Eurodance Gem “Boa Reconstructor”

Paris-based producer Panteros666 makes his return to HARD Recs with the entrancing eurodance groove “Boa Reconstructor.”

The single serves as a direct follow–up to “Let UwU Go,” and marks his sophomore release on the burgeoning label.

Expanding on Panteros666’s signature style, “Boa Reconstructor” blends nostalgia with a new age twist for a dreamy dance offering that affects both body and soul in equal measures. The trance-infused gem is built around pounding kick drums, ethereal pads, lofty arpeggiations, and dreamy soundscapes. Soothing pitched-up vocals anchor the track with an addictive emotive appeal. The simplicity of the lyrics adds to the infectiousness making it feel instantly familiar while leaving listeners wanting more. Stirring piano keys deepen the sentimental pull while cascading triplets add to the dancefloor-ready groove. “Boa Reconstructor” is effectively a trip down memory lane for trance and eurodance enthusiasts yet remaining fresh and fun. It’s a festival bound love song bursting with fireworks and threaded with tenderness.

Shedding light on the meaning behind the single, Panteros666 shares: “It’s a club-ready synthesis of melancholia, hope and euphoric gated trance plucks. Written between Amsterdam and Paris, ‘Boa Reconstructor’ is a raver’s ode to train journeys. The ideal soundtrack for cross-country party voyages. This track encapsulates the thrill of movement against a backdrop of a cold, futuristic cityscape and flashes from an always too-recently forgotten rave.”

Panteros666 is creating his own lane in the electronic music sphere that’s built around his love for eurodance and Y2K internet influence. Originally born in Flanders, the producer relocated from Northern France to Paris, where the eurodance movement initialy took root in the ‘90s. Renowned for merging catchy hooks with enthralling melodies and an energetic aesthetic, the talented producer has amassed support from Anna Lunoe, TDJ, DJ Heartstring, Boys Noize, and has received radio support from FG Radio and Galaxie Radio. The forward-thinking artist is still riding high off two sold-out shows in his home country to close out 2023, hosted in Lille and Toulouse. Looking forward, he has upcoming performances at Le Bikini (Toulouse) and Mondo (Madrid), and Panteros666 has a string of European dates on his calendar, leading up to his forthcoming US and Australian tours in the near future.

“Boa Reconstructor” is another dream-like dancefloor anthem that mixes nostalgia, emotion, and playful energy for an unforgettable arrangement.

Panteros666’s new single “Boa Reconstructor” is available on all platforms via HARD Recs.