Philadelphia’s DrewBoy Is Set to Launch ‘Trap House Bounce’ Into the Hip-Hop Stratosphere

If you don’t know Philadelphia rapper Drewboy, you should get to know him. The 22-year-old artist is one of the emerging talents to watch from the City of Brotherly Love. After graduating high school, he enrolled in college to study audio engineering. He later came to the conclusion that he could not reach his full potential based on the school’s curriculum, leading him to leave school and devote time entirely to his craft. Since then his investment has paid off.

Over the past few years, Drewboy has taken his music to a new level, mixing dynamic flows and bars with comedic timing. With his style and momentum, he draws comparison to the likes of Ludacris or Da Baby. Not to mention, his energy is unmatched in every Instagram post.

He is often joined by his right-hand man, Kiing Dree. For now Kiing Dree is the Spliff Star to Drewboy’s Busta Rhymes, but the sky is the limit for both talents.

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#XaviChallenge 🔥 Me & @kiingdree getting in our triller bag 🦍 send them vids in lol OUT ON ALL PLATFORMS !!! Sweatsuit @hoh_floyd23

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Through his work ethic, talent and unrivaled energy, Drewboy has garnered the support of reputable home town natives such as Meek Mill, Gillie Da Kid, Wallo, Cosmic Kev and more. His relationships with fellow Philly bouls has helped to catapult his career. In addition, he signed a partnership with Island Records through producer Tommy Brown’s Champagne Therapy and Team Xcluzive Entertainment.

Drewboy recently dropped his latest single, “Traphouse Bounce.” The track is filled with a high energy bounce that is bound to transition any listener from a head bop to moving your feet. You can even ask Rick Ross what happened once his ear caught wind of a Drewboy track.

His upcoming mixtape entitled: “Personality”, will feature his latest singles “Xavi” and “Traphouse Bounce.” Its release date is set for July 31.

“I want to make music that feels good. Certain things you can laugh at, certain things you can rewind/ Things you can dance to. I don’t want to make songs that you can’t dance to. I want lit vibes.”

Drewboy is set to join Def Jam crooner, YK Osiris in a Virtual Black Lives Matter Concert later on Friday as well. Be sure to catch the Trap House Bounce vibes live in effect.

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@fighttyme presents @ykosiris live for a Black Lives Matter concert at the 10×10 with @1drewboy & @zahsosaa opening up. Get your virtual tickets at

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