Protesters With Assault Rifles Attend Anti-Lockdown Rally in PA

Rallies to reopen the country have popped up to encourage the government to allow people back to work and their regular lives again, but Pittsburgh, PA’s “Take Back Control” rally literally brought out the big guns.

Armed protestors, who come from the Iron City Citizens Response Unit, are speculated to come from a white nationalist group, but that has not been confirmed. With over 120 protestors as well as the armed protestors, there was no reports of violence or arrests.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has reported 948 new coronavirus cases as of Sunday, with a total of 33,232 cases statewide and 1,200 deaths due to COVID-19.

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🤬This is right now in Pennsylvania. Those are loaded assault rifles. Now juxtapose that you against Steve Taylor, having a mental health crisis with a baseball bat at a Walmart on Saturday. Or 12 year old Tamir Rice playing at a park.

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