QB’s Finest Tragedy Khadafi To Release ‘Hip Hop Hustle’ Book


Accomplish in 60 days what can take an artist years to do. A bold statement !!! But this may be what comes closest to a GPS for success for any new artist Exec ,  Producer videographer . a complete  and absolute game changer, total  blueprint to The Come Up filled with ways to get money for your project get exposure and eyes on your brand  enabling you to get done in weeks, what artist and labels struggle with for years and art of war to Hip Hop 48 laws and Donald  Passmons  all you need to know about the music business all rolled into one with tactics that work in real time and this is only just volume one tragedy, a.k.a. intelligent room has made meaning of successful careers for over 30 years. Noreaga creator and host of drink, champs and many more such as have it from Mobb Deep can attest to this so his experience and goddess is absolutely priceless. Pick up the e-book, Hip Hop hustle available in sept Contact  @rapacademy1 or @tragedy252