Rezz Releases Anticipated New Album CAN YOU SEE ME?

Electronic visionary Rezz has released her anticipated new album CAN YOU SEE ME? out now via HypnoVizion.

Unfolding over 10 tracks, CAN YOU SEE ME? is powerful and commanding as it explores the depths of Rezz’s curiosity and evolution in the bass music genre. Created in her Toronto home studio, CAN YOU SEE ME? is Rezz’s most collaborative body of work to-date, featuring previously released tracks with Subtronics, Blanke, and HOLLY, as well as new collaborations with rising stars INZO and CYCLOPS, and HypnoVizion alumni EDDIE, Digital Ethos, and KAVARI.

Kicking up the pace from her usual midtempo signature to a faster 140-150 BPM, CAN YOU SEE ME? swerves with kinetic energy as Rezz experiments with industrial tones and psychoactive elements. Instrumentally-led and crafted with her live set in mind, CAN YOU SEE ME? goes beyond her haunting builds and hypnotizing drops as Rezz introduces a new sonic era. Each track defies the conventionalities of the genre, skewing typical structure and tempo, and even incorporating Rezz’s own vocals on ‘CAN YOU SEE ME?’.

Venturing into uncharted territory, CAN YOU SEE ME? showcases Rezz’s transcendence in sound as she cloaks the eerie themes of her catalog with a harder, heavier edge. The album is absorbent of Rezz’s off-kilter antics, embracing her rebellious tendencies on tracks like ‘CUT ME OUT’ and ‘OPEN UR EYE’, and unleashing her adventurous sound design on cuts like ‘Exorcism’ and ‘Maleficent’. Continuing into new realms of bass music, CAN YOU SEE ME? capitalizes on Rezz’s metamorphic capabilities as collaborator and the trailblazing sounds she’s inspired for nearly a decade. The album also features a special rendition of Rezz and deadmau5’s 2023 REZZMAU5 collaboration ‘Infraliminal’.

“This album was by far the most fun I’ve had creating something maybe ever. I tried to create a fuse between heavy bass music while also having industrial type elements mixed in. I also wanted this project to include tracks you can just loop while you work out or when you’re in the zone. I suppose I’m just compiling my favorite elements of bass music into one project. This project would be nothing without its collaborations with some of my favorite bass music producers in the game. I enjoyed this so much that I will probably continue to make more of it. CAN YOU SEE ME? is my favorite project I’ve ever released.” – Rezz

Arriving at a time when Rezz has found true balance in both her personal and professional lives, CAN YOU SEE ME? is a reflection of the clarity through which she now sees her music and the Rezz project as a whole. Shifting gears from 2023’s goth-themed IT’S NOT A PHASE EP, CAN YOU SEE ME? is a testament to Rezz’s ever-evolving sound and formidability as one of electronic music’s foremost innovators. Fans can experience CAN YOU SEE ME? live at Rezz’s upcoming headline shows at Miami Music Week, The Phoenix Raceway, The Brooklyn Mirage, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, and Mission Ballroom. Grab tickets here.

Stream Rezz’s new album CAN YOU SEE ME? available now on all platforms.

CAN YOU SEE ME? Tracklist

2. Everywhere, Nowhere (w/ Blanke)
3. Black Ice (w/ Subtronics)
4. CUT ME OUT (w/ Digital Ethos)
5. The Descent (w/ INZO)
8. Maleficent (w/ EDDIE)
9. Exorcism (w/ Kavari)
10. Infraliminal (Isabelle’s Version)

Rezz Upcoming Tour Dates

March 22 – Beyond Wonderland – San Bernardino, CA
March 23 – CAN YOU SEE ME? at MANA – Miami, FL
April 20 – CAN YOU SEE ME? at Phoenix Raceway – Phoenix, AZ
April 27-28 – Project GLOW – Washington, DC
May 2-5 – Sol Fest Music & Arts Festival – Ponce de Leon, FL
June 1-2 – Beyond Wonderland – Chicago, IL
June 22-23 – Beyond Wonderland – George, WA
July 4 – Badlands Music Festival – Calgary, AB
July 6 – The Brooklyn Mirage – Brooklyn, NY
July 19-28 – Tomorrowland (as REZZMAU5) – Boom, BE
August 3 – HARD Summer (as REZZMAU5) – Los Angeles, CA
August 30 – REZZ ROCKS VI at Red Rocks Amphitheatre – Morrison, CO
August 31 – Mission Ballroom – Denver, CO
September 2-8 – Dancefestopia – LaCygne, KS