Rival And Diandra Faye Channel Personal Growth On Cathartic Melodic Bass Collaboration “Scars”

Electronic music sensation Rival makes his return to Lost In Dreams alongside Netherlands-based singer/songwriter Diandra Faye.

“Scars” is a powerful ballad built around the growth and recovery of escaping a damaging relationship. The track follows Rival’s label debut “Knock On Wood” with Highlnd and Lousy, as well as his follow-up single “Say The Word” with Billy Lockett; and marks Diandra Faye’s return to the label following “Good Enough” on Crystal Skies’ debut LP ‘Not Since When.’

Teeming with emotion, “Scars” is a strikingly raw display from the ever-talented collaborators. Pensive piano keys and drifting strings are interwoven for a cinematic introduction. Diandra Faye’s topline is poignant yet powerful, unleashing all of the pain while remaining in full control. The healing lyrics and compelling vocals fight for rebound, moving past the scars to a brighter horizon. Dramatic drums and a building sonic energy match the intensity of her vocal performance, creating an amplified effect. The swirling melodic bass drops mix echoing vocals, captivating synths, dark undertones, and a tenacious spirit swept away by a whirlwind of feelings. “Scars” traces the highs and lows of a break-up, moving between beautiful soul-stirring melodic sections and epic bursts of unbridled emotion in the form of melodic dubstep.

Rival opens up about the track, saying: “I’m really excited to be back with Lost In Dreams. It’s an honor to be a part of this label, which is always pushing the boundaries in melodic electronic music. ‘Scars’ reflects my personal style, combining emotional piano, orchestral elements, and a powerful chorus leading to an intense drop. The track features a kick that blends seamlessly with ambient sounds and introduces a unique lead melody for added complexity. It is a testament to Lost In Dream’s commitment to innovation and blending traditional elements with forward-thinking creativity.”

Rival is a Germany-based composer, pianist, and producer with a vast knowledge of jazz and classical music. The multi-talented creator has been channeling his influences into a consistent stream of exceptional melodic bass music. Rival has amassed more than 359 million collective streams with collaborations alongside Blanke, Fairlane, RUNN, Luma, and Egzod. He is currently gearing up to tour Europe and the United States.

Diandra Faye is a Netherlands-based singer and songwriter with an extensive background in music theory, which includes taking on the role of a music teacher at a high school after her studies at the ArtEZ Academy of Music. Her ability to craft unparalleled toplines has led to massive collaborations alongside Sub Zero Project, Markus Schulz, Coone, D-Block & S-te-Fan, Ferry Corsten, Keeno, and Au5.

“Scars” is an epic fusion of Rival’s inventive cinematic style and Diandra Faye’s gripping vocal talents, providing the perfect emotional dubstep ballad.

Rival and Diandra Faye’s “Scars” is available on all platforms via Lost In Dreams.