Rohan Marley Facing Potential Jail Time Over Unsettled Car Crash Damages

Rohan Marley, son of the iconic Jamaican music legend Bob Marley, is reportedly facing the prospect of jail time in Jamaica due to an ongoing legal dispute stemming from a car crash in 2016. According to reports from the Jamaica Gleaner, an application has been filed in the Supreme Court seeking Marley’s imprisonment for allegedly failing to settle damages amounting to nearly $15 million related to the incident.

The incident in question occurred on April 15, 2016, around 2:10 p.m., along Half Way Tree Road in the parish of Saint Andrew. The collision involved a motor car registered as 9115 EH, driven by Trudy-Anne Silent-Hyatt, a Marketing and Public Relations Consultant, and a motor truck registered as CE 9933, owned by Rohan Anthony Marley and driven by Jason Davion Walters, an Electrician/Repairs and Maintenance Consultant. Both vehicles were traveling in the same direction, with Mrs. Silent-Hyatt driving in front of Mr. Walters when the collision took place.

Legal proceedings commenced with the 1st Defendant filing a Defense on November 4, 2016, followed by the 2nd Defendant filing a similar Defense on January 6, 2017. The Defenses, which are identical in content, acknowledge ownership and driver responsibilities for the motor vehicle bearing registration number CE 9933. However, they vehemently deny the allegation that the 2nd Defendant “slammed into the rear of the motor vehicle being driven by the Claimant approximately 5–6 seconds after the Claimant had come to a complete stop.” Instead, they argue that the Claimant abruptly stopped when a taxi ahead of her was halted by a policeman, catching the 2nd Defendant off guard despite his efforts to avoid a collision.


The legal battle has since unfolded, leading to the current application filed in the Supreme Court, pushing for Rohan Marley’s imprisonment due to the outstanding damages. The developments in this case add a layer of complexity to the Marley family’s legacy, as Rohan finds himself entangled in a legal dispute that could potentially result in jail time.

As the proceedings continue, the public awaits further updates on this unexpected legal predicament for Rohan Marley, whose familial connection to one of Jamaica’s most beloved figures adds a significant spotlight to the unfolding legal drama.