Saint Ahmad’s “Vibe”: A Symphony Of Self-Expression In ‘Minds’ EP

In the vibrant landscape of New York City’s LGBTQ+ club scene, a new sound emerges, captivating and bold.

It’s Saint Ahmad, and his debut EP “Minds” is a revelatory journey through the psyche of this unapologetic artist. Among the EP’s dynamic tracks, “Vibe” stands out as a pulsating beacon of self-love and empowerment, resonating deeply with listeners navigating the complex crossroads of identity.

Saint Ahmad, a figure synonymous with the club scene, taps into his experiences as a Black Gay man, transforming his struggles and triumphs into a sonic narrative that’s both personal and universal. “Minds,” with its five tracks, is a masterful blend of high-energy rhythms and introspective lyrics, a full evolution from the challenges of the past to a present filled with empowerment and queer freedom. “Vibe,” the focus track, is the epitome of this transformation, a buzzingly euphoric affirmation that invites listeners to embrace their true selves with unbridled confidence.

The track, vibrant and energetic, is an anthem of self-affirmation. It’s not just a song; it’s a mantra for those who have longed for a voice that echoes their own stories of shame, growth, and liberation. Saint Ahmad admits that each track in “Minds” unveils a different facet of his identity, a narrative arc that spans from self-doubt to self-celebration. The EP is a bold, brazenly original work, both in its sonic composition and its lyrical depth.

Drawing inspiration from queer revolutionaries like RuPaul and Leigh Bowery, “Vibe” embodies the spirit of these icons in its boundary-pushing style and unabashed honesty. The influence is palpable not only in the lyrics but in the very essence of the track – a fusion of pulsating club beats and reflective melodies that mirror the complexities of the queer experience.