Sean Paul Explains Why He’ll Never Do a Verzuz, Clarifies Why He Never Performed Baby Boy With Beyonce

Sean Paul is one of the most successful crossover Dancehall artists, and he built his empire without participating in clash culture.

“But when you look at [me], Shaggy, Koffee, Konshens, Charlie Black, Gyptian, Serani, none of us clashed. And all of us stream amazing numbers. I’m one of the bigger ones so I would beg to differ that clashing actually pushed the whole genre somewhere,” the legendary artist responded when asked about his thoughts on Clash Culture being the foundation of dancehall and pushing the genre forward.

“I don’t really agree. I agree that at this point it holds us back. What it did make us was potent emcees because I had to be ready if anybody would come for me,” he added.

Sean Paul made headlines earlier this year for allegedly claiming that JAY-Z was jealous of his “Baby Boy” collaboration with Beyonce. But the Dutty Rock artist clarified his remarks in an interview with Two Bees TV.

“There were incidents that did happen when we were supposed to perform the song that was weird so maybe that started rumors, and they took it and flew with it.”

He added, “What I was saying was there was the MTV Awards in Europe, the Pro Tools started to skip while we were on stage and millions of people were watching us. It was weird. I never heard of that happening. Pro Tools don’t skip, you have to program it.”

Although Sean Paul didn’t get a chance to perform with Beyonce, he didn’t blame her husband and sent the couple well wishes. “I think the two of them are talented, extremely focused, and I have no problem with them just to clear it up on your end.”

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