Sherri Shepherd Shows Off Breast Reduction, Jokingly Offers to Donate Old 42DD Bras to Drake

“New Season, New Boobs!” That was the announcement that Sherri Shepherd made to open Season 2 of her namesake “Sherri” show. Joking that “everything is going to be bigger except these boobs,” the television host took time to poke fun of Drake‘s massive bra collection.

Shepherd started out by telling viewers that despite decades of unsolicited comments about her body from others, she did indeed get a breast reduction over the summer, making note that she did not get the procedure based on the input or opinions of other people, but because she was experiencing back pain and other physical issues as a result of her breasts (which she shared with the audience were a 42DD). She took time to explain how her breast size was something that she had struggled with her whole life and struggled with even more as she aged, making a series of hilarious jokes before describing some of the physical pain that she had endured before going to the doctor for a consultation and eventually going through with the procedure.

Shepherd then put Drake up on the screen behind her before making a series of jokes about the women who threw their bras at Drake, musing about how difficult it must be to take one off at a concert before going and getting a wheelbarrow full of her whole bras and spilling them out on stage and joking that someone needed to make sure that Drake got them for his collection.


The full episode can be seen here: