Short & Simple: The Biden-Harris Administration Must Deliver For The Culture

Let’s keep this short and simple, the 46th President of the United States must deliver for the “Culture” in the United States of America. What does that mean? Let’s start with the Culture first. In this case, we are referring to both the Black community and those inspired by the original elements of Hip-Hop culture (if you don’t know, do your research).

Why? The Black community of voters across the United States were the largest percentage voting block that led to the election of Joe Biden. Very much like former President Barack Obama, the hopes and dreams of many Black people are tied to the Biden-Harris administration even though many were suspicious of both of them, based on their former public records. Nonetheless, they were selected by most of the Black community because they posed a better political option among the others (and we will not even mention 45’s name in this piece). The Culture is now expecting a better governance strategy and fair results for Black people.

Let’s be honest, Black people and the Hip Hop community turned out for this incoming administration despite a few notable exceptions. Black people are fed up and deserve much-needed care, justice, and opportunity. There is absolutely no question about it. The Black community has been under attack for over 400 years and certainly, recent acts of domestic terrorism, police violence, business discrimination, and health malpractice must stop.

In many ways, the systems of America took big blows and this may be the last time folks may rely on the democratic system of this nation. All people witnessed the mob of mostly white male insurrectionists and racist predators at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th — those images and lessons instructed many worldwide on just how fragile, lacking, cooperative, and incompetent those in power can be when dealing with those who remain in opposition to Black people and those who seek to protect the rights of Black people in this country. No doubt, White men have had much too much power in America, without justification. It has been reported that less than 25% of White men voted for Biden. They should not have most of the power any longer. Nonetheless, we predict that we will see far more than 60% of those surrounding, advising, praying, planning, and directing the agenda of the Biden-Harris Administration. Token picks will not satisfy Black folks going forward. Those optic games are over.

This country, the US Constitution, and the Bill of Rights supposedly stand for and support liberty, justice, and free enterprise yet for the Black community, it has been astonishing enslavement, imprisonment, injustice, domestic terrorism, unlawful business enterprise, and legal bias in favor of White men and institutions that support a system of inequity and white supremacy. Enough… The Biden-Harris Administration Must Deliver For The Culture (Black People).

President Joseph R. Biden Jr., you ran to restore the soul of America. We ask you to be honest and establish a government and soul of this nation to “build up better” and practice what the Constitution and Bill of Rights profess and preach.

It is important now more than ever – The Biden-Harris administration must deliver for the culture of Black people (and YES, All People Too). We wish Joe Biden and Kamala Harris the best and look forward to a successful presidency in strengthening and reuniting our country.