Snoop Dogg and Gala Games to Change Music, New Album NFT

Gala Games, the popular blockchain gaming platform, has announced a major new relationship with Snoop Dogg, who will release his new album, B.O.D.R. (Bacc on Death Row), as a Stash Box of NFTs on the Gala Music shop. Gala Music will also receive three additional tunes that are only available through Gala Music.

When Song NFT owners own a Node, they will be able to earn royalties on the Gala Music network by listening. More details on how to engage in the ecosystem will be released on Friday. Snoop music NFTs will also be used in Gala Games’ games, and more information will be released soon. Additional content, such as access to films, comics, and more from the Doggfather himself, will be available to NFT owners in the future.

“If anything is constant, it’s that the music industry will always be changing,” said Snoop Dogg. “Blockchain tech has the power to change everything again and tip the table in favor of the artists and the fans, and we’re going to be right at the front of the pack with this Gala Music deal.”

Only 25,000 Snoop Stash Boxes will be available for $5,000 and will be sold exclusively at GALA. This Stash Box will include one of 17 track NFTs from Snoop Dogg’s upcoming album, with just 1,470 NFTs available for each song. The Stash Box Sale will finish at midnight PST on Sunday, February 13th.

Music enthusiasts who collect the full album of 17 NFT tracks will be rewarded with a slew of in-person and digital goodies, including an exclusive party at Snoop’s mansion in Los Angeles, a concert exclusively for NFT holders, and limited-edition memorabilia.