Sony Music Group Commits $100 million to Global Social Justice Initiatives

Sony Music Group is continuing the trend of companies putting money into programs that fight against racism. On a global scale, Sony Music is committing a $100 million donation to social justice programs that fight for equal rights.

“Racial injustice is a global issue that affects our artists, songwriters, our people and of course society at large. We stand against discrimination everywhere and we will take action accordingly with our community fully involved in effectively using theses funds,” Sony said in the press release.

Sony Music CEO John Platt penned an open letter to the music industry on Monday. As the only Black CEO in the music industry, Platt says he felt an obligation to speak out on the police-involved death of George Floyd.

“Music companies have rushed to pledge solidarity with the Black community since the atrocity committed against Mr. Floyd,” Platt wrote in the open letter. “But I often remind my team of a fact that might seem odd for a music man to point out: ‘People see better than they hear.’ Timely action must follow the industry’s lyrics. Otherwise, words are ultimately empty.

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