SOURCE LATINO: ‘One Day At A Time’ Plans on Releasing an Animated Episode

The folks over at Pop TV are getting creative during the Coronavirus nationwide lockdown as production sets in Hollywood come to a screeching halt. One Day At A Time, the comedy-drama that follows the daily shenanigans of a Cuban American family, recently announced that they had a solution to giving viewers their fix while also putting filming on hold. The big idea? Animation.

The move comes just after a revival of the show last month when Pop TV picked the show up following Netflix’s cancellation. Clearly, the creators are determined to stay afloat.

“As we all know, it’s hard to keep ‘One Day at a Time’ off the air. During this unprecedented time, we wanted to find a way to keep our family — on camera and behind the scenes — together and create more entertaining content for our fans who are self-distancing at home. This animated special gives us an exciting opportunity to imagine the Alvarez family in a colorful new way while continuing to tell important and relevant stories,” says executive producer Gloria Calderon Kellett.

Kellett came up with the idea for the animated special and also shared that the special will be centered around the character Penelope and political tensions in the home; a relatable subject for most of us right now. The current cast will voice their current character along with appearances by celebrity guests. The premiere is slated for Spring 2020.

In a post shared by the official One Day At A Time Twitter account, fans were assured that “this isn’t goodbye, it’s see you later.”