SOURCE SPORTS: DeMar DeRozan Writes Touching Tribute to His Mom for Mother’s Day


For Mother’s Day, Chicago Bulls All-Star DeMar DeRozan celebrated his mother in a special tribute on The Athletic. Penned in his own words, DeRozan celebrates his mother, stating, “She showed me love and strength intertwined.”

A lot of my favorite memories come from when I sit and talk to my mom now. She talks about how she used to whup my ass when I used to just act up.

My favorite Mother’s Days came from just chilling with her. Me and mom would have moments where we’d sit on the couch and just talk s— all day on Mother’s Day. And we laugh about any and everything.

To me, those just take me back to the element of — especially before my dad passed — I remember when we didn’t have nothing. But we always used to make everything work. Whenever we can get a chance to just chill and relax, those are the moments for me that mean everything.

– DeMar DeRozan

You can read the full message from DeRozan here.