SOURCE SPORTS: Italy Bans Fans From Sporting Events Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus is at the center of the world’s health discussion right now. Everyone has questions and concerns about the deadly virus and one country is taking unprecedented precautions.

All sporting events in Italy will take place without fans present for at least the next month due to the virus outbreak in the country,

ESPN reports officials announced the move on Wednesday, as the number of coronavirus cases continues to rise in Italy. Citing the Civil Protection Agency, CNN says the nation has confirmed 3,089 cases of coronavirus as of Wednesday—107 of which were fatal.

Schools and universities throughout Italy have also been closed until 15 March after a further 28 people died on Wednesday from the outbreak, with the government decree concerning sports events later ratified by the prime minister Giuseppe Conte.

While Italy is taking these measures, people are wondering if the United States would do anything similar, if the more cases started to develop? As of right now, sporting events like Wrestlemania and the NCAA Tournament, are still proceeding as scheduled.

As US officials are keeping a close eye on new developing Coronavirus cases, how do you feel about being in sporting venues with this threat looking?