STAR SEED Showcases His Diversity With Cinematic Three-Track Melodic Bass ‘Equinox’ EP

Cincinnati-based producer STAR SEED has become a mainstay in the electronic scene with a genre-bending sound that feels as vast as the open sky.

Making his return to Slander’s Heaven Sent imprint comes the diverse three-track EP, ‘Equinox.’ The project arrives on the heels of the lead single “Something To Hold On To” alongside Aaron Shirk and Sara Benyo.

Setting the stage comes the lead single “Something To Hold On To.” Built around Sara Benyo’s impassioned vocals, the lyrics trace a tale of hope amidst the darkness. Poignant piano and saccharine melodies enhance the emotional pull. As Sara grasps through the darkness, the production explodes into a torrent of melodic dubstep euphoria. The first drop blends uplifting chords, shimmering synth flutters, and glitchy flourishes. Eventually, the vocals become processed and chopped up, while the track begins to take a darker twist, moving into a sinister underworld scored by attacking melodies and filthy sound design. An emotive break resets the energy, washing away the darkness and welcoming in brighter days. “Something To Hold On To” caps off with a captivating climax that offers an inspiring finale that is instilled with a powerful sense of hopefulness.

STAR SEED explains how the collaboration came to life: “‘Something to Hold On To’ actually started as a remix Aaron did for one of my songs back in 2022 for my first EP. I approached him later down the road for us to make it fully original instead of putting it out as a remix, so we kind of sat on that demo for some time. Later, I Tweeted out asking about which vocalists I should work with, and a few people tagged Sara in the replies, so we all ended up in conversation about working on something. She seemed to feel quite attached to the demo after listening to it and quickly got back with the vocals. We spent time completely revamping the record and getting it up to speed with our more recent production abilities and adding new drops and chord progressions. Really happy with how this turned out!”

Joining forces with the dynamic vocalist Syberlilly, the pair take listeners into the “Oblivion.” The track blurs the boundaries between emotive and euphorically engaging in a delicate dance that feels empowering with an underlying weight to it. Delicate piano-driven melodies lead the introduction as Syberlilly’s captivating voice commands the track. Mellow guitar licks are added to the sanguine scene while intensifying drums build to a crescendo. The drops are an eruption of melodic bass built around buoying synths, driving drums, and glitchy textures. “Oblivion” mixes hints of folk and innovative electronic production, amounting to a mind-clearing auditory experience.

Syberlilly shares insight on the creative direction she took with the song: “I was approached by STAR SEED to write a piece embedded in hope and healing for ‘Oblivion.’ I desire a lyrical style equally immersed in both contemplation and relation, so coupling cosmic prose with the narrative of human uncertainty enabled me to embrace a sort of linguistic playfulness all while remaining thematically confident. I had never written a ‘happy’ song prior, either, so I was further challenged by having to adapt my melodic tendencies to a brighter soundscape. By contributing to this EP, I want to introduce listeners to a fluid experience of poetry and accessibility within dance music songwriting, and I believe ‘Oblivion’ is the perfect introduction to do so.”

Closing out the project with a bang comes the immersive bass-driven title track. “Equinox” offers an exceptional fusion of cinematic storytelling and fierce deep dubstep. From the outset, it begins building tension as a creeping melody creates an irresistible pull. Heavenly vocal chants are bent to display a haunting beauty, which is magnified by the awe-inducing strings. Towering synths bring the track to an apex before STAR SEED switches the scene with a short but impactful breakdown that brings the understated tension back to the fore. The brain-shattering drops flip the track completely, hitting deeper with its gurgling sub-bass, squeaky synth leads, and elastic low-end. The contrasting sonic textures amplify the impact of each, creating a masterful banger that is truly one of a kind.

Summing up the project in his own words, STAR SEED breaks down the EP, saying: “‘Equinox’ is a body of work that I feel captures a dynamic range of sounds I’ve been working on over the past few months, from the more emotional and melodic feeling of ‘Something To Hold On To’ to the deep mystic vibrations of ‘Equinox,’ as well as the uplifting and euphoric feelings of ‘Oblivion.’ I’m happy this is finally coming out, and grateful that SLANDER and the Heaven Sent team resonate with my vision of this one.”

STAR SEED is a genre-blurring producer known for crafting experimental pop music that explores themes of nature, spirituality, and beyond. He has landed official remixes for the Chainsmokers, Nurko, and Trivecta, and has garnered radio support from dance music royalty, including ILLENIUM, Alison Wonderland, deadmau5, Zeds Dead, Gryffin, ARMNHMR, Jason Ross, Monstercat, and more. STAR SEED is also a favorite among editorial playlists, having landed placements in Spotify’s New Music Friday Dance, Apple Music’s Melodic Bass, Future Dance Hits, and Amazon’s Fresh EDM, Bass Box, among others. He is gearing up for a performance at the iconic Bonnaroo festival.

‘Equinox’ illustrates the multi-faceted talents of its creator, offering three distinct sounds while remaining impressively cohesive from start to finish.

STAR SEED’s new EP ‘Equinox’ is available on all platforms via Heaven Sent.