Synymata And Leah Culver Connect On Trance-Inspired Cover Of Ellie Goulding’s Timeless Anthem “Lights”


Milwaukee-bred producer Synymata is back on Lost In Dreams alongside Leah Culver for their evocative single “Lights.”

Building upon the chemistry displayed on their recent collaborative effort “Out Of Time,” the pair craft a masterful new rendition of the timeless Ellie Goulding anthem.

The opening notes conjure waves of nostalgia and familiarity as the original melody sets the stage. Leah Culver commands the space with her powerful falsetto that’s backed by booming kick drums, rich low-end, and crisp claps. The trance-powered drive bolsters the uplifting melodies and amplifies the touching lyrics and compelling vocals. As Culver’s vocal performance intensifies, so does the sound palette behind it, building into a crescendo that erupts into a sea of bold drums, twinkling textures, and Synymata’s signature soaring synth sound design. The stripped-back break resets the scene as Leah retakes the spotlight delivering an impassioned spine-tingling verse. Building to the grand finale, the hook overlays swelling percussion and an intensifying energy. The second drop is a euphoric sonic offering, slowing the scene while taking the song straight up to the heavens above.

Synymata elaborates on what makes the cover so special, saying, “Ellie Goulding’s ‘Lights’ was one of the first dance records that I ever heard, and played a part in my decision to pursue music. Like many other tracks that have inspired me, ‘Lights’ was a song that I knew I wanted to put my own spin on. My cover is my first endeavor into writing a trance-inspired song—marrying a timeless dance classic with my own sound and production style. Working with Leah Culver to bring this cover to life was a joy, and I’m so happy that I can now call ourselves friends. Leah’s voice was the perfect match to Ellie’s; her ability to pay respect to the original vocal, but expand upon the emotions and message of the lyrics is truly what brought this track to life. I am immensely grateful to Lost In Dreams for their ongoing support in my music, and their role in inspiring the creation of this cover.”

Currently based out of Idaho Falls, Synymata (Anthony Gomulka) is an esteemed producer who has been making a name for himself in the bass music scene with a style that effortlessly moves between heavy-hitting and melodic. His signature style has led to collaborations with ARMNHMR and SLANDER, plus tastemaker support from NGHMTRE, Jauz, Alison Wonderland, Zeds Dead, 1788-l, and more. Synymata will be joining SABAI as a special guest with upcoming performances at the Asylum (Masonic Temple in Cleveland) and Skully’s Music Diner (Columbus).

Los Angeles-based Leah Culver is a multi-hyphenate rising star who has been making waves as a singer, songwriter, producer, and DJ. She has been working with a number of Grammy-winning songwriters all while releasing her own pop-focused originals on labels such as Monstercat. Culver was also a part of the recent End Overdose campaign, in addition to participating in Akon’s Lighting Africa charity events.

“Lights” sees Synymata and Leah Culver joining forces to bring new life and energy into a timeless classic.

Synymata & Leah Culver’s “Lights” cover is available on all platforms via Lost In Dreams.