Teyana Taylor Alleges That Iman Shumpert Uses Their Kids for Photo Opps

Shocking details have been revealed in a new court filing by Teyana Taylor. The Harlem beauty is accusing her husband Iman Shumpert of leaving the kids with help when they are in his care and using them for photo opportunities. She alleges that the Iman also has a “nonchalant attitude” about their daughters’ fame — particularly Junie’s which worries her, especially when he has her in public settings.

Radar Online reports:

Teyana Taylor says her estranged husband, Iman Shumpert, “leaves” their daughters with others when he’s supposed to be watching them and uses them for publicity without providing “true parenting” to the girls. In legal documents obtained by, Taylor critiqued her ex’s parenting skills, claiming his interest in their kids “is more like his chance for photo opportunities.”


As this outlet reported, Taylor, 32, secretly filed for divorce from the former NBA star, 33, in January, eight months before they announced their separation. The singer is fighting for temporary and primary custody of their daughters — Iman “Junie” Tayla Shumpert Jr., 7, and Rue Rose Shumpert, 3.

In the divorce documents, Taylor says Shumpert’s “nonchalant attitude” about their daughters’ fame — particularly Junie’s — worries her, especially when he has her in public settings.

The family had their own reality show, We Got Love Teyana & Iman, in 2021, and Junie quickly became the favorite with her sassy attitude and hilarious one-liners.

“The Petitioner shows the Court that Respondent’s cruel treatment of her also included a nonchalant attitude about the parties’ two (2) daughters. The Respondent does not always act in the best interests of the parties’ minor children,” Taylor stated in the docs.

“He does not carefully consider the fact that the parties’ children (especially the oldest child) have also appeared on various episodes of Teyana & Iman, and the parties’ minor children have also achieved a level of fame,” she alleged. “The Respondent does not acknowledge this fact, nor does he properly ensure the children’s safety in public settings or otherwise.”

According to Taylor, Shumpert “asks for significant time” with their children, but “leaves them with his parents or others for a majority of the time requested.” She claimed her ex’s interest in their girls “is more like his chance for photo opportunities as opposed to the Respondent providing true parenting and care for the girls.”

Besides Taylor calling Shumpert a narcissist, who she claimed was jealous of her career, Teyana alleged he has anger issues.

“The Petitioner further shows the Court that when the Petitioner gets angry, he is irresponsible with the girls,” the docs read.