The Players Coalition Host Forum For Cook County State’s Attorney Candidates

The Players Coalition hit Chicago to host a community forum with Vaughn Bryant, (Executive Director of Communities Partnering 4 Peace and Metropolitan Peace Initiatives and Former NFL Player), Jason Burns (Executive Director of Mettle Minds Foundation and Former NFL Player), Corey Mays (Former NFL Player & President NFL Alumni Chicago Chapter), and the Cook County State’s Attorney candidates – Kim Foxx (the current Cook County State’s Attorney), Donna More, Bill Conway, and Bob Fioretti.

The Players Coalition is an independent 501c3 (charity) and 501c4 (advocacy) organization founded by NFL players Anquan Boldin and Malcolm Jenkins, with the aim to make an impact on social justice and racial inequality. The mission of the organization is rooted in police & community relations, criminal justice reform, and education & economic advancement.

“These forums are intended to be the first step of a longer relationship with state’s attorneys nationwide about how best to implement real reform in their communities,” said Anquan Boldin, Retired Baltimore Raven and Players Coalition Co-Founder. “It’s important for Players Coalition to support efforts in new markets and be able to reach out to new ambassadors in communities where they reside. Forums like this are a good way for new players to become organically engaged in the efforts since they know their communities best.”

The Cook County State’s Attorney candidates engaged in discussions on their positions on criminal justice reform issues in efforts to create a fairer justice system and improve public safety in the county.

“This forum is intended to continue an ongoing conversation with the state’s attorney candidates about the systemic issues that have permeated our Cook County court system for generations,” Vaughn Bryant, Executive Director of Communities Partnering for Peace and Metropolitan Peace Initiatives & Former NFL Player. “From police accountability and bail reform to fair sentencing and juvenile justice, we must support a state’s attorney who will work toward reforms that break the cycle of mass incarceration, improve public safety and put an end to the institutional racism and bias that are corrosive to our justice system and violate the public trust.”