Today In Hip Hop History: Big Daddy Kane’s Debut Album ‘Long Live The Kane’ Turns 35 Years Old!


On this day in Hip Hop history, Big Daddy Kane released his debut LP Long Live The Kane. Released by Cold Chillin’ Records and produced by Marley Marl, this album is one of Hip Hop’s earliest successes. Through this project, Big Daddy Kane was able to craft one of the most desirable brand in Hip Hop of the time. His ability to touch on a plethora of subjects ranging from sex to Afrocentrism made him universally appealing and easily marketable.

This album can be credited as one of the most influential LPs of the golden age of Hip Hop. Nas, Pete Rock, AZ, Gang Starr, RZA, Biggie Smalls and MF DOOM are among some of the acclaimed artists who have made directed references to either this album or Big Daddy Kane in general throughout their music. In 1998, The Source Magazine ranked this project as one of the 1000 Greatest Albums in Hip Hop. The album was certified gold in the year of its release and serves as one of the two projects from Big Daddy Kane that has sold over 500,000 copies.

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