Track of the Week: Charisse Mills & Luce Cannon’s “Drop a Bag”

Charisse Mills is here to remind women all around the world of their worth, and sometimes, that means dropping a bag! Today, the Trinidadian opera singer, recording artist, and reality television star returns with her newest single, “Drop A Bag,” featuring her husband Luce Cannon.

Boasting one million followers on Instagram alone, Charisse Mills inspires audiences worldwide to work hard, follow their dreams, and always stay true to themselves. With her ability to sing opera in six languages (French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, and English), she formed her music genre called “Pop’era.” This time though, she steps into the urban space… and has fun while doing it!

Charisse states, “Drop A Bag’ is really my life. I live my life super bad and boujee. Everybody wants a taste of bad and boujee, but you can’t have me. I’m exclusive. If you want to touch, you better drop a bag on me. ‘Can’t let a n*gga touch if the bag’s on E.’ Okay?”


“Drop A Bag” is the perfect female empowerment record, something to play while you’re getting ready for a night out, or throwing money at the strip club.

Charisse explains, “It’s okay to say what you want. Know your worth. It’s not being a hoe or not being portrayed as “hoe it’s all about money.” No, it’s all about what you want. Your quality of life, period. You want to go date a broke ass n*gga, go ahead and date a broke ass n*gga. Not me. Because I’m not broke. I don’t need a man with money, I want a man with money. It’s different.”

In addition to the new single, Charisse just released her own line of edibles called Bad and Boujee. She’s also slated to be featured on the new reality television show called Side Chicks of LA, slated to air on the For Us By Us network.

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