Trippie Redd Clowns Soulja Boy After Rant: “Bro It’s 30 Plus Years Later”

Trippie Redd has some words of advice for Soulja Boy after his most recent rant. Soulja recently took to Instagram Live to get some things off of his chest. While doing so he targeted a number of media publications including HotNewHipHop, VladTV, No Jumper, and XXL for their apparent spew of false narratives.

“Motherf**king HotNewHipHop, XXL, and No Jumper is motherf**king fake media,” said Draco. “It’s false media. I have elevated past the level of certain media platforms. So, if y’all see these media platforms putting my name in they blogs, do not read the sh*t because they trolling. Anything that you wanna hear, come hear it direct from the source. I’ll tell you directly what it is.”

Trippie Redd caught wind of Soulja’s rant and found it quite hilarious. He even hopped on live to clown Big Draco for his expression over the internet, but also offer some advice.

“Bro it’s life, shut the f*ck up! Do it again! Tell that n*gga do it again, man! N*gga be ranting and talking all this crazy sh*t on the internet. Do it again! Can you go platinum for engineering and producing songs again? N*gga be prolonging the situation. Bro, it’s 30 plus years later. ‘I’m Big Soulja!’ It’s 30 plus years later my n*gga, wrap it up. Clean it up. When’s the last time you went platinum this year? Last year? The year before that? The year before that? The year before that?”

Trippie also proceed to question Soulja Boy’s “gangsta.”

“The internet be gettin’ to people’s head, I swear to God. I be wanting to go Live and just say certain s**t about certain ni**gas like, bruh, shut up You not no gangsta!”

While Soulja Boy wants respect to be put on his name, Trippie Redd advises him to create a new present. Therefore, he doesn’t have to remind anyone of what he’s done.

Peep Trippie’s full IG Live below.