Trump Campaign Selling Mugshot Merch

For the first time in American political history has a current candidate for the presidential nomination been indicted, arrested, and arraigned on criminal charges for electoral interference. Nevertheless, following Former President Donald Trump’s surrender to Georgia authorities for allegedly attempting to rig the 2020 Presidential election, his campaign thinktanks came up with the brilliant, yet unconventional idea of peddling merchandise with the former Potus’ mugshot on it.

Screen Shot 2023 08 25 at 11.11.29 AM

The Trump campaign website is now selling coffee mugs, t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, bumper stickers and even beer koozies with the tagline reading, “NEVER SURRENDER”.

Screen Shot 2023 08 25 at 11.12.02 AM
Screen Shot 2023 08 25 at 11.12.02 AM