Trump Says the Coronavirus is the Democrats New ‘Hoax’

Yesterday, Donald Trump had some words for Democrats who he believed are using the coronavirus as a “hoax” to smear him and his administration.

“The Democrats are politicizing the coronavirus,” Trump stated at a campaign rally in Charleston, South Carolina. Trump continued to say that “One of my people came up to me and said ‘Mr. President they tried to beat you on Russia, Russia, Russia. That didn’t work out too well.’ They couldn’t do it. They tried the impeachment hoax that was on a perfect conversation. This is their new hoax,” he said, referring to the coronavirus.

Trump also blames reporting on the coronavirus a “hoax” and blames CNN for trying to instill fear in the minds of the American people. After his rally, Trump stated that:

I think that media is, yes. I think that CNN is a very disreputable network. I think they’re doing everything they can to instill fear in people and I think it’s ridiculous and I think they’re very disreputable. And some of the Democrats are doing it the way it should be but some of them are trying to gain political favor by saying a lot about this.

President Trump

The fact is, I made one decision that was a very important decision, and that was to close our country to a certain area of the world that was relatively heavily infected, and because of that we’re talking about 15 who seem to be all getting better, one is questionable. Had that decision not be made it could be a much different story. So some people are giving us credit… for that and some people aren’t. But the only ones that aren’t they don’t mean it, it’s political. It’s politics.”

President Trump

The coronavirus, which scientists say originated in Wuhan, China, has reportedly killed more than 2,800 people worldwide and infected more than 80,000 people. South Korea, Japan, Italy, and Iran are among the countries with the most serious cases of the disease.

In the U.S., officials stated earlier this week stated that it’s not a matter of if the United States is going to contract the disease, but it’s a matter of when the U.S. is going to contract the disease.

On Friday, the Santa Clara Public Health Department announced the third case of coronavirus. This time an elderly woman had contracted the virus. According to the LA Times, the patient had no known exposure to the virus through travel or close contact with a known infected person. This suggests the woman had most likely been infected in her community.