[WATCH] 14 Inmates Escape From Washington Jail During Executive ‘Shelter In Place’ Order, 6 Still Considered Fugitives

Washington State has been one of the hardest hit by the coronavirus in the country and the internal structure on local levels of government are beginning to show their vulnerabilities.

An all-points bulletin has been put out for six fugitives who are still on the loose after fourteen inmates escaped from a Yakima, Washington prison during the Governor’s “stay at home” order due to the deadly coronavirus that has caused a global pandemic.

A video posted by an eyewitness shows the inmates jumping a fence after bursting through an exit door of the downtown facility. Yakima County Sheriff Robert Udell reported that eight of the inmates were caught immediately after the escape, including one caught by a local firefighter.

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14 inmates escaped from a #Yakima Washington jail during a #coronavirus stay at home order. 6 are still on the run.

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