[WATCH] Benzino Says He Ran Jay-Z and Dame Dash Out of The Source Offices


On one of the most recent episodes of the We In Miami podcast, Former owner of The Source Magazine and reality star Ray Benzino talked about a potentially dangerous run-in with Jay-Z and Dame Dash over a cover story involving weapons at The Source office.

Benzino said, “This one time, Jay and Dame was complaining about a cover situation, and they came up to The Source on some rah-rah sh*t. So I had n***as strapped up in different rooms — they didn’t know that. So they up there and started getting loud, because we just wanted them to think that Dave [Mays, co-founder of The Source] was up there with just one person.” 

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He added, “Sure enough, it starts getting loud. N***as start coming out them rooms, and they had to get up out of there. There was a few of them, I think maybe three or four. But there was at least seven of us. There was at least seven guns up in The Source.”