[WATCH] Blac Chyna Reveals She’s Shutting Down Her OnlyFans For Her Kids Sake


Blac Chyna appeared on ‘The Jason Lee Show’ and spoke about trending topics in her life. The self-made millionaire shared that she would be falling back from sharing content on OnlyFans. The reality TV star spoke candidly about her family, going to court with the Kardashians, past relationships including Tyga, and more.

When speaking about the many opportunities she’s gained during her career, Chyna spoke about falling back from OnlyFans completely. Chyna shared that the move came from her not seeing a purpose in being on the platform anymore based on where she is in her life currently. Along with that, she pointed out that having grown kids in the house with her changed her perspective.

While speaking to Lee, Chyna revealed, “I’m just changing everything about me. All that stuff is a dead end and I know that I’m way — I’m worth way more than that. I feel like I have bigger fish to fry and at the time, I had so many things in lawsuits, it’s like ‘wow,’ but yeah, I’m good. Shout out to the people that do still have their OnlyFans and stuff like that. Get your money, don’t let the money make you.”


Watch the interview below.

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