[WATCH] Diddy’s Former Bodyguard Gene Deal Says Diddy Cheated On J.Lo With Superhead

In a recent The Art Of Dialogue interview with former Bad Boy bodyguard Gene Deal, Diddy’s ex=associate claims that Diddy, who was then known as Puff Daddy, engaged in sexual acts with Karrine “Superhead” Steffans while his then wife, Jennifer Lopez, was in the same house. These allegations have many wondering if Lopez was aware of the extent of her ex-husband’s infidelity in the early 2000s.

Deal says that the former famous couple attended a Miami Hurricanes game, which was followed up by a dinner party organized by the singer/actress. According to the claims, Diddy’s friend Slam arranged for Steffans to join them in a private room. it is alleged that when Lopez went upstairs, Steffans and Combs were intimate.

It is still yet to be confirmed as to whether or not the woman in question was actually Karrine Steffans, however, Deal does insist that Lopez had no idea of what was occurring in her own home.


See the interview below.