[WATCH] Flashback 2018: NYC Firefighter Preps For Pandemic

New York City firefighter Jason Charles was convinced city-dwellers should be preparing for an emergency.  Turns out he was right. The organizer of the NYC Preppers Network went viral when he revealed he stocked his small fifth-floor apartment in Harlem, New York with a with enough supplies for him and his family to survive alone for around nine to 10 months. 

After almost losing his life during the 9/11 tragedy, he used the Cold War as an example of being ready for a pandemic. The married father of five shared that he is prepping for everything…financial crisis, hurricanes, tornadoes, bad storms—anything that can compromise the city. He has 10 knives stored securely in his apartment, including a BK9 combat knife, and another 50 or so at his lock-up in the Bronx. 

His iconic ‘End of the World’ closet is packed with medicine, water, tools, and even homemade detergent, and he keeps a ‘bug out bag’ on hand at all times in case he needs to leave the property at short notice. He has a small ax for his now 11-year-old son and a host of helpful tips for city emergencies.  

Watch the video below!