[Watch] Jada Pinkett Smith Claims Tupac Proposed While He Was On Riker’s Island


A lot of new revelations have been made known to the public since Jada Pinkett-Smith has been promoting her new book Worthy and during one of her recent interviews, the actress says that the late rapper/actor icon Tupac Shakur proposed to her during a visit while he was incarcerated in NYC’s notorious Riker’s Island.

Will Smith’s estranged wife spoke about visiting Tupac in prison, stating, “That was probably one of the more painful parts seeing him there, the condition he was in and he was in a bad shape.” She added, “When he asked me to marry him, he was in Rikers and I knew at that time he needed somebody to do time with him which I was going to do anyway. You have to marry me to do that, right?”

See the interview footage HERE


All of this comes after it has been revealed that Will and Jada have been separated since 2016